We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who participated in the Global Biotech Urban Forum.

The 21st century that we live in now is an era of merged technology. If, in the past, the academic contents in the industrial society and the icons in the technology field were separated and distant, today there is the trend of a trans-unity between fields (surpassing a simple integration) to create one unified set of innovation and order.

Biotech (BT) is the merge of life and biological technology, while the modern city scenery (LU) is the merge of Mother Nature and human culture. The merge of these two fields, BT and LU, creates the Biotech urban city (BTLU) that operates using the power of nature. The vision of the Biotech urban city academy aims to surpass the currently used nature technologies (in the landscaping field) in the establishment of traditional cities and merge the diverse technologies in different trans-fields together. Also, we wish to use the innovative bio-technologies (that will be created from this merge) to change from an artificial “Digital city” to an “Analogue Natural City”, which will use the dynamic energy of nature to create life. These two visions are the main missions of the academy.

The buildings, lands, and diverse grey infrastructure of the Digital City has, under the Industrial Era, brought progress in advancing the cultural and living standards of people by becoming a philosophical, structural symbol of separation and severance. However, the overly physical environment represented in the intensely artificial “Digital City” is making the problem regarding the loss of humanity worse. Also, the rise of entropy levels from ‘the loss of usable natural energy’ has worsened the problem of climate change as well, forcing us to meet an unfortunate, but essential problem. On December 2016, the signing (and soon taking effect) of the Climate Change Agreement Convention, which will be taking effect in about 196 countries worldwide, represents the severity of the aforementioned problems.

While the general paradigm during the 18~20th century were the inventions and overcoming of nature, the 21st century appears to go into the trends of environmental revival, where natural energy is healed and replenished for usage. Now, cities must be reformed to analogue natural city that uses natural energy. Cities should not simply be the amalgamation of simple buildings. Also, cities shouldn’t be limited to an area of space that is simply divided among people. The city infrastructure shouldn’t remain as simply amalgamated tools to raise the entropy levels of people. Cities must be reincarnated to a city with buildings of life that operate with natural energy, and to a cultural, environmental area where the merge of human lives and nature is possible.

Since the 21st century, large changes in social and technological fields are surfacing. Our country is becoming a society plagued by the problem of low birth rates/aging and a low-growth metastasis. Cities are having problems of becoming hollow and deteriorating due to empty houses, vacant grounds, relocated sites and other problems. This forces us to change the construction of cities to a stage of reformation. The aforementioned reformation of cities will allow us, in the age of new, innovative technologies, to create and discern a natural-reforming analogue city. As it was discussed in the Dabos Forum on January of 2016 and was argued by the creator of the Forum Claus Shubab, the world is transforming to the 4th Industrial revolution that presents us with amazing innovative advancements. We will use the merge of diverse technologies, such as physics technologies, digital technologies, biological technologies and others to not only we evade the concerns regarding the serious moral, social issues, but also to transform into an innovative business model. It’s been forecasted that this will also be the next step in creating life. The Global Biotech Urban Forum thus, using the unprecedented technologies, aims to transform the old “Digital City” into an energetic, dynamic “analogue natural city” that uses natural energy freely.

We are all great people that, by riding the new wave of technological/social changes in the 21st century, aims to take the first step in creating the dynamic ‘Construction of Environmentally reformed biological city.’ If we all unite under this mission and spread this belief, not only will there be a new chapter in creating new, innovative academics and technology, but there will also be the opening of a new era in civilization history. Finally, we will also reform and heal natural cities, and also overcome the morally incorrect environmental actions humans have done in order to create a city and a world filled with vitality and energy.

We sincerely hope that all of you will contribute in making this historical academy successful.

Thank you!

2016. 10. 20.
President of the Global Biotech Urban Forum
Cho Se hwan