Notifications on paper contribution
Notifications about the submissions on 〈 The Review of Bio-Tech. Landscape Urbanist 〉 The Korean Association of the Bio-Technological Landscape Urbanist would like to announce several notifications on paper contribution.
Notifications on paper contribution
  • 1. At least one of the contributor(the main author, co-author, or the corresponding author) should be the member of our academy in order to submit the papers.
  • 2. When writing, please follow the paper submission bylaws, and the editing requirements.
  • 3. Submission fees, Examination fees, and Publication fees will be demanded after the publication.
Attentions before submit
  • 1. Beware of the ethics regulations
  • 2. Strictly follow the paper submission bylaw and paper review bylaw.
  • 3. The contents of specific journal must not be previously published either as a book or on other scholarly journals.
  • 4. As we finish examining the papers, they will be published according to the order we received. This will be held inside the budget.
Paper application and publication
  • 1. Academy is always open to applications. When received, papers are handed to the examiners, via the editing committee.
  • 2. It takes at least 2 months for a journal to go through the examining, editing, and finally get published. Journals can be carried forward to the next month if the number of journals exceeds the maximum.
Publication rights
  • 1. Publication rights of every journal, discussion, and work that are published, belongs to the Korean Association of the Bio-technological Landscape Urbanist. Submission itself will be considered as an agreement of such yield.
  • 2. In case when the published journals, discussions, and pieces commit piracy, the full responsibility lies on the literal writer.
Files for Paper contribution
  1.      ① Code of Ethics for 〈The Review of Bio-Tech. Landscape Urbanist〉
  2.      ② Editing regulations of 〈The Review of Bio-Tech. Landscape Urbanist〉
  3.      ③ Sample Journals