The System of the Association
The System of the Association
Constituents of institution
  • Members(group) : Among those who agree with the goal of the performance and the present meeting, this category
                               includes those who participated as a initiator, or those who requested to be a member through
  • President(1 per) : representative of the committee. Generalizes operations.
  • Vice-president(1per) : Deputizes for the president in case of accidents, and gains rights as next term president after
                                  the contemporary term.
  • Executive board of directors(few) : executes operation given by the presidents.
  • Board of directors(about 300) : Votes for the election, dismissal of the officers, approves business plans, budgets,
                                                and final accounts.
                                                Shortcut to the Board of directors’ review
  • Inspector(2 people) : inspects the assets and liabilities account, managements, and operations.
  • Advisor(more than 2) : Advises and gives opinion after the demand of the committee.
  • Edition staff(about 4) : Edits the academic journals or extra publications of the academy.
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Operating structure
  • The committee works as a platform for groups and individuals, where diverse opinions considering Biotechnological landscape of Urbans could be shared.
  • Along with multi-trans committee and the constituents, the presidents keeps communication by performing programs such as the Bio-Urban Forums.

  • Policy advisor(about 10) : Advises the eligibility of policies mentioned from the committee.
  • Multi-trans Committee(about20) : Holds the Forums, while making presentations about the specified disciplines
                                                     at each forum, and forms discussions.
  • Management committee(about 20) : Discusses and decides the execution of operations, management of businesses,
                                                        and budgets.
                                                       Shortcut to Bio-Urban Forum
  • Bio-Urban Forums : members of the Multi-trans committee makes presentations about the issue. The Forum leads to convergence of multiple disciplines, resulting in diverse discussion and ideas.
Structure of the 〈The Korean Association of the Bio-Technological Landscape Urbanist〉 based on information sharing platform